Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coming Back Home

This is a recounting of my soul retrieval that took place on February 15, 2013 at Spirit Hollow. I hope to blog about my future fledgling attempts at journeying, so I wanted to give some background as to what came before. The theory is that the soul is made of parts, and some of those parts can get lost or stolen through trauma, or other ways. In a soul retrieval, the shamanic practitioner journeys to retrieve soul parts for the patient that are ready to come back. Anything in quotes is directly from the write-up that I received at the end of the session.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Keep on Truckin' - Weekly Forecast

Tarot of the Cat People

I’ve decided rather than try to do a daily draw here on the blog, I will use my Facebook page for that, and just post a weekly outlook each Monday, with a follow-up later in the week to see how well I was able to interpret the cards. I’m using a very simple spread for this, 7 cards, one for each day, with an 8th card drawn as the overall theme of the week.  

This week, I came up all Swords and Pentacles. Four Sword cards and two Pentacles in the daily readings, with an additional Pentacle for the overall. I had no Cups cards at all, and only one Wand. Also, there were no Major Arcana cards, and four reversals. Guess it’s going to be a week focused on thoughts and needs, rather than emotions, taking care of the little day-to-day stuff. Here is this week’s reading:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Endeavor Spread

So I figured for the start of my blog, I’d do a tarot reading for it, and then at least I’d have something to blog about, as well as some information to help me on my way. Problem was, I couldn’t find a good spread to match the sort of thing I wanted to know. I finally found one that was sort of close to what I had in mind, but then I started rearranging the positions of the cards to make more sense to me, then I started adding cards, and renaming things, and before you know it, I’d created my very own spread for the first time!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Setting Out...

The Fool - Tarot of the Cat People
So here I am, starting out on a journey with my brand-new blog, and I guess it's time for my "Jerry Maguire" style mission statement, as it were. This is a tale of beginnings, of traveling without being sure of the end destination. The goal of this blog is not to provide expert opinion, or definitive statements on any particular topic. Instead, I hope to chronicle the ups and downs of the various aspects of my spiritual journey.  It seems odd to be writing a “beginnings” journal after almost 20 years of wanderings, but in many ways I still feel like a newbie, as I never really settled down to methodical practice. My main focuses will relate to Wiccan beliefs, learning to use the Tarot as a spiritual guide, and learning the techniques of Core Shamanism as a transformative and healing tool. I'm hoping you will join me on this trip, and share your own stories and issues as we stumble through the learning process.